Why Hire a Contractor?

Building a new home or completing a home renovation project is an exciting time for homeowners.  The prospect of making improvements to your family’s living space should be thrilling; however for many people construction projects are daunting.  Not only does a General Contractor work to ensure projects are completed expertly, they also help make certain the process of home building or renovating is hassle-free.



A General Contractor is hired to oversee and manage all aspects of a construction project.  A Contractor has numerous responsibilities including but not limited to:  securing building permits, scheduling inspections, hiring and supervising sub trades and ordering supplies and material.   A General Contractor also acts as their customer’s main contact throughout the project.  An effective Contractor will be able to explain to homeowners the scope of work being done at the job site, as well as communicate their client’s requests to the appropriate service providers.


Hiring a General Contractor to manage your home renovation project has multiple advantages.  


  1. Certain components of home building and renovating are regulated by building, plumbing, electrical and energy codes.  A General Contractor will be familiar with the ways to comply with the rules and regulations pertaining to your job.  When working with a Contractor, clients can rest assured that the correct permit applications are secured and the final job completion adheres to provincial standards. Also, General Contractors often provide warranties on materials and workmanship furnished by their company.


  1. When deciding to renovate, time and budget constraints are perhaps the most important concerns of homeowners. Hiring a General Contractor can save both time and money. 


A Contractor has extensive experience dealing with the many detailed tasks associated with construction.  He/she is able to coordinate all aspects of the project efficiently and identify the next-steps associated with the renovation.  A Contractor’s time management skills will not only offer convenience but also guarantee that timelines are met and the project is completed on budget.


Many construction projects require the involvement of various trades or sub-contractors.  A General Contractor establishes and maintains effective working relationships with reliable tradespeople.  He/she will know how to find qualified sub trades.  Contractors provide tradespeople with repeat business opportunities and therefore fair pricing and quality workmanship often results. 


  1.  Hiring a General Contractor can also help with the design aspect of construction projects.  Because Contractors manage the ordering and delivery of materials, they often have knowledge of the latest design trends, and understand the suitability and cost-effectiveness of different supplies.  Contractors can also assist their customers in sourcing desired materials.


Please consider the benefits of hiring and working with a reputable General Contractor when building your home or completing a home renovation project.


Written courtesy of J. Walker Carpentry